We wake up to realization we might be nomads

Apartment for rent

In almost three decades of marriage, we have owned only three houses (and a cottage).  That’s not much moving, so we don’t think of ourselves as the nomadic type, until we count the number of times we have shuttered those houses to take up residency elsewhere – and that would be four, or five, depending on how you count it.

At one point, we had keys to four homes on three different continents, and I could have told you where the can opener was in every kitchen but the one that I happened to be standing in.

This comes to mind now because I woke up this morning with the urge to surf apartment rental websites. I don’t know why I want to do this. Our hotel is quiet, close to everything and compared to tying ourselves to a lease, very flexible.

And yet, here I am, looking at apartments.

7 thoughts on “We wake up to realization we might be nomads

  1. Ah, apartment rentals. I’ve just written a piece for Boulevard on the very subject. And, oddly, have been doing the same thing the past two days, surfing the site looking at apartments in Provence and Paris. Have also been looking at home exchanges. That wouldn’t suit you, but it might be the theme of our next vacation. If you want to check out the Provence studio I extol go to vrbo.com/60874. Hey, do you have Skype?

  2. It will be fun to look and see what they are like.
    It does not mean you will move, I love looking at houses 🙂

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