What others say about Jo

  • Your nice white liberal position is based on guilt. C. Brown, Advocacy Gateway for Environmental Sensitivities
  • “Flat-lined…” Victoria protesters describing Hatherly’s brain activity.
  • %#!^+** HATHERLY! Anonymous graffiti on Times Colonist newspaper building
  • Your piece about the recycling boxes is yet another example of the banal, empty, lightweight, gimme a paycheck reporting we see regularly in our newspapers. M. Turner, Metchosin, BC
  • I do like your writing and the novel sounds  to my taste – but, but…. Vivienne Schuster, Curtis Brown, U.K.
  • You get the big pay cheque for a reason – you are a senior reporter/citizen. And with such great power comes great responsibility (according to spiderman). R. Shaw, Times Colonist legislative reporter
  • “… lively prose and meticulous reporting,” “reportorial rigour and formidable organization,” ” bright writing style…” Lucinda Chodan, former editor-in-chief at Victoria Times Colonist, currently editor-in-chief at the Edmonton Journal describing Hatherly’s journalistic writing
  • I am currently in France, and am neither interested in hearing from you or participating in any projects related to you or the Times Colonist. Bruce Wilson, Victoria, BC
  • You are a good writer. Adrian Chamberlain, Columnist, Times Colonist
  • What’s happened to you? You seem more alive, more energetic. Earlier, you were just blah, a flat piece of wood. Tony Campolo commenting on the difference between at-work Hatherly and after-work Hatherly.

6 thoughts on “What others say about Jo

  1. I have truly enjoyed following your journey via the blog; your writing is approachable, lucid, light-handed and a pleasure to look forward to each day for the past months. Perhaps we’ll meet sometime in Vic. Cheers and bon voyage!

  2. Not true that the blog is bor-ring. I laughed four times! But perhaps that’s just end of deadline-day giddiness? V.

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