Terrorism trashes tourism

Bomb sniffer puppy!

We’ve just learned that a train headed for Switzerland was evacuated because of possible terrorist action. Associated Press reports the high-speed train was in Frieberg, Germany and scheduled to go to the Interlaken Region in Switzerland, which is south of us.

The train was searched; no explosives were found. Nevertheless, that puts a damper on our train-travel plans this weekend.

Stupid Al Qaeda.

3 thoughts on “Terrorism trashes tourism

  1. Thanks for the “chockie” information. Please keep it coming.

    Sorry about your delayed train trip. Just as well the authorities were onto the Terrorist threats. What a strange world we live in nowadays! Nothing seems to be straight forward – such a shame for the younger gen. coming up.

  2. Swiss chocolate in Canada (Lindt, for example) tastes the same as it does here. The quality between bon bons in the high-end chocolateries in Switzerland and those in Canada is indistinguishable. I’ve only been here a month, but I have already conducted a lot of research in this area. Nevertheless, I will continue to investigate.

  3. At least it didn’t happen when you were in Paris and you got home safely.
    Is Swiss Chocolate better in Switzerland ?? 🙂

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