German versus Swiss versus French versus Canadian Chocolate – Who wins?

Chocolate - what the world needs more of.

That is the question on the minds of all chocolate-lovers, which means that it is on everyone’s mind, because who doesn’t love chocolate? Despite the fact that at least one friend thinks I am on perpetual holiday, I have been using our travel time to undertake extensive research on the varying qualities of chocolates.

This does not refer to the average check-out shelf chocolate bar, but to handmade, in-shop chocolates in quaint little chocolateries in three locations in Canada, one previously unknown source of exquisite chocolates, two locations in France, two shops in Germany (and maybe more – I haven’t left Germany yet) and an ever-expanding number in Switzerland. This is the kind of research that just can’t stop. After all, chocolate shops in Italy, Austria and Belgium are still waiting our arrival.

I will be off-line tomorrow for travel (another exciting day on German highways!), but will report back on the chocolate question when I return to Switzerland.

4 thoughts on “German versus Swiss versus French versus Canadian Chocolate – Who wins?

  1. I’ve just moved to Switzerland and I’m slowly working my way through the chocolates here. I’m curious to hear your verdict on the great debate. 🙂

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