Wedding in a mountain cave

Dave tries to blend in as a wedding guest? Maybe not.

Every now and then as a reporter, I would stumble into an event that was fleeting – something was happening that I knew I would not see again and that had I arrived moments earlier, I would not have known was about to happen. Those moments seem divine, as though God is showing off.

Yesterday, we took a train across Switzerland to the end of the line – yes, the tracks really stopped there. Then we took a 5,380-foot gondola ride up the side of this mountain, picked our way along a cliff-side trail, plunged into the mountain through a winding cave that spiraled down until it opened to an ancient hermit cabin, then along another short cliff-hugging trail to find an enormous cave filled with people – it was a wedding, and then suddenly from the shadows, voices singing “Heaven is a wonderful place.” This video isn’t very good quality – the cave was quite dark, but it captures a rare moment. It doesn’t do justice to the acoustics of the small group of  a capella singers’ voices echoing off the ancient stone walls.

Click here to watch the video. Tomorrow: More photos, more Ebenalp wanderings.

I'm not scared, why do you ask?

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