4 thoughts on “Saturday: Heading to the Interlaken

    • It seems that living with no regrets would point me toward keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground, but I’m sure that’s not what you meant. I did it though – and yes, the view was amazing. No barf bag required (why puke into a bag when there’s all that open ground beneath us?).

  1. Wow…oh wow…I hope you woke up for this tour!! Some of the most gorgeous terrain on the globe awaits you. Regrettably I’ve never to the Interlaken..and can only enjoy it throughphotos at this point. However, on the other side of the Alps lies equally breathtaking sites in the Black Forest of Germany; and please plan to visit Neuswanstein(sp?), which is aka Mad King Ludwig’s castle 🙂
    I have fond memories of Munich as well.

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