Spectacular ice show

Have a seat. It's ice outside.

Switzerland’s cold snap drags on, but a “deep freeze” that hovers around -15 C does not exactly excite terror in this former Winnipegonian to whom -15 C is a perfect temperature for all-day cross-country skiing. Seriously, Europe, wake up and build a better infrastructure for winter. It does come around every year.

There is one thing, however, that is hard to beat and it is ice-cladding, which frankly, scares the daylights out of me.  Not much to do about this but break out the blowdryers and chisels. Here’s a photo from a photo-fan website. Click here to see more. 

NOTE: I’m having trouble with the ice-links, however, here’s another go at it. Hope these come through. 

Switzerland's ice storm: Showing New York that a "boot" is not the worse thing that can happen to your car.

Lake Geneva transformed into frozen landscape, literally, by blustery winds and freezing temps.

Switzerland's deep freeze.

4 thoughts on “Spectacular ice show

  1. Thanks for letting me know. Strange that the links show up on my page, but not yours. That is the promenade and shoreline of Lake Geneva, locally known as Lac Leman – it is a huge lake, so it could generate a lot of spray.

  2. Hi
    The picture link did not come through.
    There was a picture of an ice encrusted car, by the shores of Lake Geneva.
    It must have been windy with waves to cause that much ice.
    I do agree -15 is a nice comfortable temp, you don’t come in all wet from the wet snow.

  3. Hi, your link to the photos did not show up.
    But there was a picture of an ice encrusted car from Geneva by the water.
    It looked like there must have been a lot of wind and waves to cause that much ice.
    I do agree -15 is a nice comfortable temp, the kids don’t come in soaking wet from playing in the snow.

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