Bratislava the Beautiful

Despite rampant graffiti, vacant streets and widespread signs of urban rot, Bratislava is a European city and therefore, still rich in magnificent architecture. What makes it outstanding in some measure is that it is a living urban museum of its past. Like all European cities, attempts are ongoing to wash out signs of WWII and the economic trashing it produced, so if you want to see something before municipal planners hit the “delete” button, go to Bratislava. Slovakia may be in the economic basement, but there are signs of an upward swing. And if the money should present itself, it might start facelifting-away those markers of its sad history. Why not? The Berliners did it, eradicating all but a small strip of the Berlin Wall? Still, as an anti-revisionist, I hope they leave some scruffy bits.

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2 thoughts on “Bratislava the Beautiful

  1. Well, I’m glad you showed a bit of the positive side of Bratislava; despite economic hard times, there are some lovely spots there. Remember Slovakia is the only one of the EU countries to protest paying for Greece’s delinquency- imagine them having to pay for Greece’s spendthrift ways! But of course they did have to pay- money that could have been better spent at home.

    • Howdy. It was impressive how Slovakia stood up to the EU economic insanity, and sad how they ended up cratering to benefit the wastefulness of the Greeks. Who knows what will happen with the Euro, but if this keeps up, it may well be that the past crises look like petty change compared to what’s coming. Not that I’m forecasting doom and gloom, but if Greece couldn’t meet its debt load before, how is slapping more debt load on it going to improve things?

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