Stand-off in Zurich Street: How the Swiss Argue – Quietly, with Dignity and Patience

Zürich is a lovely city in the day time, and it’s just as pretty at night. Here are a few shots from our visit there last weekend, plus a little parking drama.

Drama on Zürich streets: Two drivers squabble over a parking space. The man standing outside the car has left his SUV in the middle of the road to confront the driver in the car who darted in front of him to "steal" the spot. They both appeared willing to wait it out indefinitely, but then a spot opened up nearby and the man standing took it. Just to be clear, the driver seated in the car in this photo is the jerk. Moral justice: When he got his car into his spot, he and his wife were unable to get out because the spot was too tight for their vehicle. We didn't stick around to see what he did next because I took photos throughout the exchange and did not want to get punched out by the driver when and if he did ever get out of this car.

A view across the Limmat River, looking on St. Peter Church clock tower, built in 1534 that at 8.7 metres across is said to be the largest church clock tower.


Looking across the bridge (in shadow) toward Grosse Munster in Zurich.

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