33: What I Will Miss, Item Two

St. Stephen’s Church, Vienna

I will miss the grandeur of old stone churches both stark unadorned Protestant and elaborate ornate Catholic ones. I will also miss how the Europeans re-imagine old architecture in new ways, such as the light show they throw on Vienna’s massive St. Stephen’s Cathedral at night. Unforgettable, too, are the rivers of tourists clicking digital cameras at the sculptures of saints inside while milling around people at prayer. There is something time-warpish about seeing stone figures of long-ago Christians juxtaposed with today’s Christians in the pews surrounding them.

Tourists and congregants mix it up inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.


Vienna the beautiful

Vienna wowed us; maybe because we planned it as stopover to another destination. What can I say? We are uncultured idiots.

I am busy these weeks with editing a novel, so don’t have much time for writing in this blog, but I do have time to post photos. I have noticed that my web-hits spike the days I don’t write. I do not take this personally.

Hardship of note:  I had repeatedly look up Lipizzaner in order to write the captions for these photos. It’s harder than it looks. You can click the stop button to read the captions if you like. I’m sorry that sometimes the text is white on a light background, but I am not smart enough to fix that. More to come.

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