30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25: Some Shots From Switzerland

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Biel’s “beachtown” is up and open for visitors. Admission is free, and visitors can lounge all day if they like, but only vendor-served food and beverages are allowed inside. Not being able to read the German/French/Italian signage, I popped open a can of Coca Cola at last year’s beachtown and was quickly informed about the ‘no-outside food’ rule.

In classical Swiss fashion, however, the staff told me this discreetly, quietly, politely and said it was fine for me to finish my Coke, but please remember to buy from a vendor next time. I’m okay with this. After all, vendors’ fees contribute to the creation of this oasis.

Bouncers in black uniforms stand at the gates, possibly to keep out Biel’s increasingly cantankerous street crowd of alcoholics and druggies.  Alcohol is served in Beachtown where we’ve never seen anyone misbehave, but then we’re usually back in our hotel room before ‘party hours’ really begin. Nonetheless, this is Switzerland, the land of good manners and we expect that for the most part, the Swiss keep it reined in.

There’s all kinds of food available inside, including some delicious smelling Thai fare that we plan to sample soon.


2 thoughts on “30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25: Some Shots From Switzerland

  1. Sudden strong winds do hit this area, but there are staff around to keep it all tidy. I find it interesting they go to all this trouble to produce a tropical beach – the lake also has a number of other swimming beaches (some manmade, some not). This year’s beach also has a massive jumbo-tron for sports games. I can’t see it attracting tourists, but it sure makes it a nice place for the locals to hang out.

  2. How lovely, it is amazing they have all this lovely furniture on the beach, does the wind not blow it about. Of course my beach living was in Kincardine where it is know for its WINDS. And we have even had a lot of wind here in the Niagara area over the last couple of years.

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