50: Saturday + Seven Weeks to Go

A slow stroll through our town on a 32 C day.


A rooftop clothesline in downtown Biel/Bienne. Note the orderly arrangement of small clothing items to large. This was obviously set up by a Swiss-German.

2 thoughts on “50: Saturday + Seven Weeks to Go

  1. Is it a European thing- no bike helmets?? A colleague of mine from Holland has lived in Victoria for several years and refuses to conform to our bike helmet law.

    • It is. Yesterday, we saw a man riding his bike at a fast clip, in the rain, over sloping pavement, both hands in his pockets and no helmet. He looked to be over 60, so it wasn’t youthful bravado that drove him. We see parents on bikes with helmetless babies in seats at the front of bikes (so the parents can watch their kids skulls hit the pavement) and gasp.

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