64: Castle remnant

Biel/Bienne turret.

Our town's castle has a moat.

Switzerland’s castles are very much like The Friendly Giant television program of the 1960s – quaint, stone-cobbled and cozy. Our little town of Biel has remnants of its fortified wall, towers and turrets, but as far as we can tell, no intact castle remains. It is possible that it never existed.

Nidau, the adjoining town has a castle about a 20-minute walk from our place, but it is somewhat stunted compared to Europe’s grander castles. There is something fitting about this – the Swiss atmosphere tilts more towards that of a conglomeration of villages.

The castle in Nidau looks big here, but it really is not. I'd put it on par with 1960-1990 era North American churches. Note: The green vine was recently pruned to resemble a heart.

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